Ann Roxy Klifford

Hello, lovely souls! I'm Ann, a 20-year-old young woman hailing from Serbia. I'm currently a freshman at the Academy of Arts, pursuing a major in Design. My essence is a blend of intense passion, sensuality, and a touch of enigmatic charm, all intertwined with loads of amusement. Beyond the camera's gaze, you'll find me immersed in cooking, globetrotting, hiking, and enjoying movies while snug beneath a cozy blanket. Our conversations will be an enchanting blend of travel tales, exploration of diverse cultures, talks about adrenaline-pumping extreme sports, and the wonders of various cuisines. Oh, and let's not forget my unique superpower—I have an impeccable memory when it comes to names. In my quest, I hope to cross paths with a romantic, dependable, gentle soul, brimming with humor. Someone who embraces life, the world, and fellow beings just as they are.

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